About the Department

This is a general ladder type curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with the goal of retaining only those who have the potential to pass the Fisheries Licensure Examination (FLE). Further, this type of curriculum gives the students who may not qualify to pursue the BS program (refer to the criteria provided in the retention policy) or those who may opt not to continue their education due to financial or other reasons, a chance to graduate with the Certificate in Fisheries Technology.

Additionally, the curriculum is more of general fisheries education, which conforms to the syllabi prescribed by the PRC and with the competency standards established by the CHED-OPS. However, the students may select any topic on the field of aquaculture, capture fisheries or post-harvest fisheries for their thesis research.

Department Objectives

  1. To develop state of the art and innovative learning and instructional techniques and reliable student services that are founded on high standards of social, moral and spiritual values;
  2. To carry out focused, high impact and relevant research and technology development activities for local, regional and national development;
  3. To develop and implement replicable models of extension delivery for sustainable fisheries; and
  4. To implement income-generating projects that will showcase the generated technologies while providing income for the University.

Contact Details

Dr. Veronica O. Grande
Department Chair

College of Aquatic Science and Applied Technology
Mariano Marcos State University
Curimao, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Mobile: +639496784408/+6309088837947

e-mail: Grande_Veron@yahoo.com