About the Department

This four-year degree program covers the rudiments of marine life and ecosystems that form a basis for their sustainable utilization, development, management and conservation. The degree was first offered in June 1998, BOR Resolution Number 279, April 29, 1996; Level II Re-accredited status by AACCUP, Inc.

Department Objectives

  1. To produce graduates sufficiently equipped with scientific skills and specialized knowledge in marine biology;
  2. To generate, verify and expand the frontiers of knowledge through research;
  3. To participate in the government effort towards the improvement of community through extension/ outreach services; and
  4. To engage in programs and projects that would enhance the production of living marine resources.

Contact Details

Prof. Facundo B. Asia
Department Chair

College of Aquatic Science and Applied Technology
Mariano Marcos State University
Curimao, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Mobile: +639184019772 (Smart)/+639177208244 (Globe)

e-mail: dong_asia@yahoo.com