College Goals

The MMSU College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology is an institution of higher learning that aims to provide quality instruction in the fields of fisheries and aquatic sciences. The College also undertakes research, extension, and production activities to support the thrusts of the university.

College Objectives

  1. Provide quality education in fisheries and aquatic resources of international standards, thereby producing world-class manpower;
  2. Conduct relevant researches in fisheries and aquatic sciences that are responsive to peoples’ needs and dynamic environment;
  3. Engage in extension services through technology transfer, industry linkages, or consortia with government and non-government organizations underscoring rational and sustainable development of fishery and aquatic resources in the region;
  4. Implement income-generating projects that will showcase the generated technologies in fisheries and aquatic sciences while providing income to the university; and
  5. Establish linkages with other institutions to monitor local needs; with research and development agencies to keep abreast with scientific advances; and with industry to match manpower needs.